As already mentioned, CAMEL is acquired in this version (v0.3.1) and CAMEL scenarios can be built from now on. Note that from this version all AC names, Operations and I.E. names for CAP finish by "c" while those for CS1+ finish by "e". This change reflects all scenarios, but not the new release of dmtcap tool (named dmtcap2).

Because an opportunity to test the 7-scales with Asterisk came up unexpectedly, the Roadmap was changed a little. The M3UA implementation is postponed and the new targets became on focus: Full spec support and Integration into Asterisk.

Full spec support means that static thisIE structures for all MAP/CAP/CS1+ operations as well as functions to process all I.E.s will be provided. This will be implemented in a manner similar to the one MAP and CAP base tables were produced - reading and processing the ASN.1 definitions for MAPv1/2/3 and CAPv1/2/3/4. For CS1+ only Revision 0 will be implemented. Functions will be developed by hand; most of them are available already. Named constants for all I.E.s will be provided as well. This is planned to be ready for 2Q´2013.

Integration in Asterks requires a considerable change in the memory management as well as careful study of thread policy applied in Asteriks. This will certainly take some time. Appropriate test environment is created already and the first positive results for this target can be expected in 3Q´2013. The first SW version of the 7-Scales that is integrated in Asteriks is expected to be available till the end of Y2013.

Fig. 6.1

The new roadmap on Fig. 6.1 reflects the changes in the development of this project as of the beginning of Year 2013, following the same funny manner as with the previous roadmap. If not for its merits, the 7-Scales project is remarkable for one can hardly ever find in a roadmap a scene of the great Cervantes´ novel, a sketch based on the Michelangelo´s masterpiece and the thought of one of the greatest thinkers ever lived on the planet Earth. Can you guess who that is?

Anyway, I dare to believe that this worrying scenario will never happen ...

As of mid 2013, the priorities have changed a little for the hardware for the Asterks is not available yet. Now the highest priority (or, at teast untill the hardware is made available) is the development of a MAP--Diameter and CAP--Diameter translators. This has been delayed for the author wants to develop a piece of code in C++11. Generally, the translators will comprise separate project named so far "Diamap".

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